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When we think of robots, sometimes we think of Rosie the Robot from the cartoon The Jetsons. She was a robot maid from the future who could do fifteen household chores at once. If only that were true! For centuries, people with outsized imaginations dreamed of a world where robots ruled. Some ideas were fantastical while others came true.


Meet your very own best friends on an electronic device named SIRI and ALEXA. Ask a question to a tiny computer…and get it answered. They can even turn your lights on and off.


In 1957, a man named Donald G. Moore invented and patented a robot floor cleaner to vacuum the carpet and mop a kitchen floor. No working version of the robot was ever built or sold. In 2002, a company called iRobot released a battery-operated robot called a Roomba which rolled on wheels and interacted with its environment with special sensors and computers. When it bumps into something, the robot turns and moves in another direction.




Other futuristic robot invention ideas:

  • Teaching with movies and mechanical tabulating machines.

  • A videophone that allows people to interview for jobs long distance.

  • Robot butlers who get all your meals, make your bed and tuck you in.

  • New-fangled barbers with special tools for cutting and styling.

  • Contracts with ‘android rights’ plus payment contracts for humanoids.


Which of the crazy ideas came true? What wild ideas would you predict for the future? What would Megabot do?

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