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Frankenbots: Stu Saves the World book

A story about a friendly mismatched robot named Stu. When Earth is invaded by the evil Shadowbots, the Frankenbots are forced to leave. If Stu doesn't influence the others to work together, the World will be doomed. A fun adventure with messages of teamwork and friendship. A scientist named Sue loves to create, but her lab is a shambles and she can’t tell one part from another, so she mixes and matches and makes Frankenbots. Lots and lots of Frankenbots. She has a favorite among all these robots, and she names him Stu. Stu works around the house, helps Sue with her homework, and even follows her to school. One day, Shadowbots arrive from outer space intent on taking over Earth. The Frankenbots bravely stand up to them, but they’re no match for the Shadowbots, who round them up and launch them into space. When they crash land on a barren planet with no way to get home, it seems to be the end of the Frankenbots and Earth. But Stu has an inventive solution that gets all his friends involved and shows that with cooperation any obstacle can be overcome. With a message of cooperation, friendship, and community, Frankenbots: Stu Saves the World is sure to be a favorite that kids will want to read again and again as they look forward to the next book in the series – Frankenbots: Sunken City of Scraps.

When a planet of friendly robots faces a galactic takeover, they learn to work together with kindness.Steampunk meets junk art in the inventive and “riveting” illustrations of this heartwarming story.When their planet is threatened by galactic invaders once again, the world of Frankenbots—charming little robots made from scraps of metal, rivets, cogwheels, and gears—has had enough. In this second title featuring the charming bots, author and illustrator Michael Ferrone shows young readers that setting differences aside and working together is the best chance at victory.Frankenbot Stu, a natural robot leader at an interplanetary town hall meeting, tells his peers that they need to be prepared for the incoming invaders and asks the group for ideas. When the fellow robots argue and shout, putting down each other’s ideas, they cannot agree on an action plan.Before long, a quake running through their robot village uncovers a hidden city, one they thought was a story of folklore and myth until now. Sunken City was a place of robot paradise, rich with all of the desperately needed parts. “There had been legends of this secret place, with gadgets of gold, stone, and steel.But no bot believed until they saw it up close. Now they knew. This place was real.”With an incredibly inventive art style masterfully combining both a retro and modern feel, Michael Ferrone’s illustrations give young readers much to pore over on each page. With the steampunk-Esque and three-dimensional junk art style, children will delight in the visualization of each robot, right down to their nuts and bolts washer breastplates featuring their names, such as Frankenbot Blanche and Frankenbot Twitch. The affable Frankenbots come to realize that sharing their ideas, listening to each other, and showing kindness helps to achieve their goal: “Frankenbot Stu was filled with pride. The bots worked together and set differences aside.” Frankenbots: Sunken City of Scraps is a perfect read-aloud for families and one that young children will enjoy returning to time and again for the uplifting story, charming characters, and unique illustration style.

Frankenbots: Sunken City of Scraps book cover
Frankenbots: Robot School Rules book cover

In this newest edition in the clever and imaginative Frankenbot series, good-natured Stu, with his endearing mono-eye and skinny wrench arms, and his fellow bots discover a stately school, dilapidated and hidden among overgrown trees. Inspired, the Frankenbots work together to rebuild and spruce up the old place, naming it the Interplanetary Academy. In the process, they uncover a worn plaque of school rules including orders such as the common “raise your hand to speak,” and the not-so-common “never ever touch the time machine.” Time machine…what time machine?


Before long, a loud kaboom draws the robots outside where they come face to face with the time travel machine. Overcome with curiosity, the bots dispel any thoughts of following the school rules and away they go in the capsule. Will they encounter aliens, monsters, or a new world? Only “time’ will tell if breaking the rules has consequences for this affable crew.

Detailed illustrations showing each nut, bolt, and plate on the robots depicted in a layered and assemblage-like style will have children studying each riveting page. The childlike personalities of the curious and thoughtful robot characters will relate to young readers. Frankenbots: Robot School Rules is a delightful read-aloud with a gentle lesson for families and educators of young children.

The Frankenbots Fun Book is the essential book of pure creativity and inspiration. Kids ages four and up will find hundreds of ways to build, play, experiment, craft, dream, think, and become outstanding citizens of the world. Complete word searches, number puzzles, connect-the-dots, and matching games. Then journey your way through tons of fun twist & turn mazes! This highly visual, hands-on activity book shows kids some of the best ways to do great things learning how to empower themselves socially, emotionally, and in their communities. The Frankenbot Fun Book inspires kids to become caring individuals, confident problem solvers, and thoughtful people who can change the world. Hours of fun and entertainment to enjoy! VARIETY OF ACTIVITIES: Matching games, connect-the-dots, word puzzles, mazes, and more! FOR ANY OCCASION: Vacation, summer, days off of school, rainy days, snowy days, lazy weekends, road trips, sleepovers, and more! Frankenbots Fun Book can be used anywhere. Makes a great gift for birthday parties, holidays, or getting ready for vacation. Puzzles include an answer key.

Frankenbots Fun Book cover

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